> Tips for Coming Down if You’re too High

• Whether you’re a novice or a full-blown cannabis connoisseur, you might have had an experience with marijuana that felt too intense. There are plenty of reasons for a person to want to sober up, especially if the intense side effects become anxiety-inducing. Looking for a few tips to come down when you’re high is too overwhelming?

>> Here is what you need to know about sobering up from too much weed:
Coming Down if You’re too High

> How long does it take to sober up from weed ?

• The length of time it takes for cannabis to take effect and then leave your system depends on the dosage you take, the concentration of THC, and the unique way your body typically processes toxins. The high from smoking marijuana can last between one and three hours. Edibles usually take much longer to take effect because the THC has to be absorbed into your bloodstream, as opposed to the lungs. However, the high tends to last substantially longer with edibles.

• Essentially you can be high for anywhere from one to six hours, depending on how you consumed the cannabis.

>How will you feel if you’re too high ?

• If you have used marijuana before, you might have an expectation of how it typically affects your mood and mental state. You usually begin to feel too high when the adverse side effects of consuming cannabis start to outweigh the euphoric experience you are used to having. Smoking a higher dose of THC than you’re used to can make you experience some of the following side effects:

  • Increased anxiety, panic, and paranoia
  • Decreased judgment and physical coordination
  • Audio, visual, and physical hallucinations
  • Delusional thoughts
  • You are feeling like you are going crazy or do not recognize yourself.

While these adverse effects can occur with marijuana use alone, the effects can be compounded if you combine weed with other substances like alcohol or opiates.

> Can being too high harm you ?

• Regardless of what you might have heard, it is not physically possible for you to consume enough THC to cause a lethal overdose. In short, no matter how intense the side effects of smoking marijuana might feel, you aren’t going to die. There have been no reported deaths linked to overdosing on cannabis in history. The increased paranoia and anxiety can cause a panic attack if you are susceptible to those.

> What can you do to ‘come down’ when you’re too high ?

Remain calm!

• Regardless of how it feels in the moment, you’re not at risk of dying, and the side effects will eventually dissipate. You may experience some grogginess or fatigue, but there are a few other lasting effects of being too high. Like we said above, there are no known casualties from overdosing on weed, so know that you will be okay eventually.

Give it time

• Diana Gonzalez from Burning Daily says that focusing too hard on trying to sober up instantly might exacerbate any stress, anxiety or frustration you are feeling. It is best to relax and willow the high to phase out naturally. Fighting against your body would be futile. Remember that the high will eventually end, as it has in the past.

• If you smoke cannabis, you can typically expect to feel normal within three hours. However, if you used an edible form, such as a brownie or a beverage, you might feel the effects for six to ten hours. The peak of the high tends to taper off after the first two to three hours.

Try taking a shower or a bath

It might not always be possible to hop in the shower if you’re out smoking with friends, but if you have access to a bathroom, it might help. Showering or bathing can help you calm down while you wait for the marijuana to leave your system. Showers are known to relax the mind and body. Cold showers specifically seem to alleviate some of the symptoms of depression and increase neural impulses, making you feel more grounded.

> Find balance with CBD.

• CBD effectively fights anxiety, and people can use it to counteract too much THC for many people. CBD’ regulates the signals THC sends to endocannabinoid receptors. CBD does not bind with CB1 receptors like THC, so using CBD will help lessen the intense feelings from being high on THC.

Drink lemon juice

• Surprisingly, some people swear by smelling the citrusy smell of lemons or tasting the sour fruit to help you sober up. The terpene limonene that occurs naturally in citrus fruit and some cannabis strains have been shown in studies to have anxiety-reducing effects. A slice of lemon or other citrus fruits can make you feel much calmer.

Grab some ibuprofen

• A study found that ibuprofen has the potential to counteract some of the negative side effects of THC. Just like if you had a headache, if you have some ibuprofen in your medicine cabinet, you could take the recommended dose with some water to help you come down from your high.

Eat pine nuts

• Research shows that pine nuts are another food that may counteract the effects of THC. The primary terpene found in pine nuts, pinene, is also known to have a possible calming effect and help clear your mind. Pinene is also found in some cannabis strains with a telling pine-like aroma, like limonene. Those with a tree nut allergy should avoid this method.

Focus on something else

• If you focus on something else, you can stop hyper-fixating on how long it is taking you to sober up. Again, hyper-focusing on coming donw might only exacerbate the negative qualities of your experience. It should go without saying that avoiding loud or anxiety-inducing video games or television programs is best. Save the horror films for another day!

> Avoid other substance use.

It is best if you avoid combining substances with marijuana, even if you think the qualities are opposite to the other substances. Stimulating drugs like cocaine or stimulants like Adderall exacerbates anxiety and paranoia. Also, introducing other substances increases the risks associated with drug use.